We have been encouraged by the number of kind comments we have had about this blog so we have decided to try and add to it regularly. This kind of electronic dialogues is all quite high tech for us and we certainly are not about to twitter – the only twittering that goes on here is early in the morning when the dawn chorus starts! We are blessed with being in such an amazing location and our guests never fail to be impressed by the breath taking views.

The Old Rectory on the lake is on the slopes of Cader Idris which is fifty foot short of three thousand feet above sea level. This is an amazing mountain and many of the folk who stay with us walk to the top – there are about five routes up of varying difficulty. The latest to get to the top – walking from our front door – are Louise and Dave from Winchester who were very fortunate to enjoy a decent view – visibility is not always as clear!! In their email to us they said they really enjoyed their stay at The Old Rectory on the lake and we are indebitted to them for allowing us to reproduce these images of a memorable ascent.