“Thanks John and Ricky for an unforgettable weekend. One of the main attractions of the Rectory on the Lake was its location with the Cadair Idris on its doorstep. We stayed over during a snowy December weekend and enjoyed an immensely atmospheric circle over the three main peaks that make up Cadair Idris. We thought we should share the route and some of the photos just in case anyone else would consider repeating something similar….

We left the house and followed the North-Western shore of lake Tallyn along the road and settled our breakfast in our stomach. Past the end of the lake we joined the “b road” to Minffordd briefly before turning left onto a poorly signed but well maintained footpath directly after the campsite. This took us directly to the bottom of the slope signed to Cadair Idirs. A steep path led us through ancient woodland with waterfalls to our right before emerging on flatter ground via a gate through the fell wall. Shortly afterwards the path split. We took the right fork signed Mynydd Moel and quickly crossed the stream over a foot-bridge. We were only afforded brief glimpses of the scenery as the cloud came and went. The path steepened again and led us slowly up to the summit of Mynydd Moel (863m). I imagine the views from here are superb on a clear day! This ridge is easily followed westwards to the highest summit Penygadair (893m) with the best kept shelter I have ever seen to shelter from the wind and ice. From here we continued our anti-clockwise circle to the South West far above the lake Llyn Cau to a pass then began the final ascent of the walk. Here could peel off to the right avoiding unnecessary climb following a ridge top fence first to the South West then South East. We occasionally were afforded glances of the magnificent vista below when the clouds parted and sun shone. The path then took us directly down through the woods behind the Rectory. We had been out for four and half hours and more than long enough to enjoy a soak in the hot tub, wine and superb food – guilt free! Highly recommended! “