At the end of June the professional cameras were at The Old Rectory on the lake shooting our inhouse commercial. The music sound track was especially written and performed by the Elderly Brothers aka Trevor Pedley and Will Morgan. They, and their respective wives, have been regular enthusiastic visitors to us after playing at a wedding across the lake a few years ago. The video was shot and editted by Iain McNamee of White Light Productions of Stafford. Here are a few images from the nig shoot plus the lyrics the Elderly Brothers penned.


There’s a Rectory on the lake where you just might like to take
Your friends or your family
The welcome there you’ll find is of a homely kind
And the food is of a five star quality
As it nestles ‘tween the trees you can hear the birds and bees

And see the otters swimming in the lake
With the scenery so grand it’s the best place in the land
To forget all your cares and take a break
Ricky’s food is legendary; you get homemade scones for tea
And sometimes chocolate fondant surprise
His menu’s many dishes include tender lamb and fishes
Which the local farm and fishery supplies
The hot tub it soon takes away your pains and aches
Gets you fit for your next activity
To climb a mountain high like an eagle in the sky
Or take a little train ride to the sea
You may travel far and wide and to foreign climes beside
But we bet you raise your glass and drink a toast
To “The Rectory on the Lake” and all the friends you’ll make
Down at the Rectory, the place we love the most!!