It all happens on Talyllyn! Last week Ricky was just about to go out when he noticed an upturned car at the other side of the lake. It was partially hidden by reeds and as it was below the lake wall other the motorists going pass obvioulsy could not see it. As Ricky called the Police John raced off in our car to the scene. “When I ran there he was waist deep in the water shouting to see if there was anyone still inside and frantically trying to wrench open the driver’s door. I jumped in and we both attempted to pull the doors open but they were stuck. It had obviously only happened a few minutes before as the exhaust was still warm. We really feared the worst because if anyone was trapped inside there could not have been much air – if any – for them to breathe. We then tried to push the car onto its side but it was impossible so we decided to go to the nearby Tyn-y-Cornel Hotel for more help. We were so happy to discover that the young driver was there wrapped in towels being comforted by staff. We just hugged her with relief! How she got out of her submerged car we simply do not know!” A few days  the lucky driver, Sarah, came to see her with her mother with a thank you present. She and Ricky later appeared on the front page of this week’s Cambrian News!


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