We have now finally produced a tongue in cheek video ‘commercial’ about The Rectory on the lake and all we offer here. We are so grateful to the talented Elderly Brothers – aka Will Morgan and Trevor Pedley – two enthusiastic guests who have often stayed here with their wives. Indeed after their last visit they were so impressed they just had to put pen to paper and were soon back on our lawn strumming and singing away. We also thank local harpist Rhiain Bebb who also made a brief appearance during an impromptu jamming session with the two musicians. Rhiain will soon be featured in greater length when she will be appearing – suitably dressed in a Welsh costume – performing by the lake in a production which will be edited soon of Tal-y- llyn in its many moods. We also thank Iain McNamee from White Light Pictures in Stafford for shooting some of the footage and editing it all together – we are indebted to our great photographer friend Adam from Hungary for the stills. Also thanks To Jakub Lexa for taking our camera up Cadair Idris and filming his parents during the ascent. We hope you enjoy the finished production which can be accessed on the home page.