It’s official! Our energetic guests have been helping add to the statics for the number of people who walk up Cadair Idris – many doing so from our own front door. Figures are now out recording just how many folk have gone up the various paths last year and they show that just under 60,000 went for the summit. Snowdonia National Park access technician, Simon Llewelyn Roberts, has complied the monitoring figures (see table below) thanks to electronic sensors which he placed on the various paths. “They are one way figures and record that last year 57,472 people walked the four paths. Not surprisingly August was the busiest month with June second and July third.”

Simon’s little machines show that the way up from the Minffordd Car park (Dol Idris) was the most popular route by far with 30,390 walkers starting from there. 23,006 were attracted to walk up the Pony Path on the other side of the mountain, 4,077 slogged it up the Foxes Path above Dolgellau and 7,132 went up Mynydd Moel. Whether all these intrepid walkers got to the top is another story – but most of our guests did – in all sorts of weathers!

Do look at our Cadair conquerors page accessed by the brown Area button on our website for accounts of some of their adventures.