The otters are about again!! Guests, Helen and John Hill from Denbigh, were out walking round the lake this weekend when they saw – what we think must be  the male otter – about 100 yards off shore. He seemed to be unaware that they were watching him.

“We were amazed to see him and what do you think? As we were driving home yesterday morning we saw him again in exactly the same spot which is about a quarter of away down from the head of the lake. Let’s hope they are all back!”

We hope so too and if you want to see a two minute video shot last year of the mother and her ever growing cubs do go to .

And here on Tal-y-llyn love may be in the air!!! For the last few years the male swan has sadly been by himself after his companion had to be put down as she had throat cancer – since then he has seen off another couple who tried to make the lake their home. Now a single swan has appeared  – ironically on St Valentines’ Day! – and it looks like she (hopefully!) might be allowed to stay – as the days go by the male is making less and less effort to scare the new arrival off. We will watch with avid interest and just hope they both will exist happily together and who knows we may hear the pitter patter of large webbed feet!

We reproduce below that very lucky photograph when we managed to capture the male swan and otters on the surface of the lake together in spring of last year.