A car has ended up in Tal-y-llyn for the second time in six months. An elderly driver and her dog were helped to safety by two young passing motorists after she had failed to take the bend across the water from us. Ricky was about to go for his regular training run round the lake when he heard a big bang: “I was absolutely staggered to look across the water to see a green car in the lake. While John called the emergency services I ran over and luckily the driver was being helped out of the water by two young people who had been passing. The elderly lady was obviously shaken but seemed unhurt.” The crash happened just hours after The Tal-y-llyn pass had been opened again to traffic. (See previous news blog) The road had been closed since last Sunday.

Last October chef Ricky made the front page of the Cambrian News when he jumped into the lake to make sure no-one was trapped after another vehicle had left the road at almost the same place and had endedupside down. Luckily the young driver from Tywyn, who was an experienced canoeist, managed to get out through the bank window. All agreed at the time that she had been very lucky. (See October’s news blog for that story). It is never quiet here on the lake!!!!