There has been a landslip on the Talyllyn pass above us and now a week later the road is still blocked with frustrated motorists facing up to a 30 mile diversion via the coast.  It happened in the early hours of last Sunday when a lorry driver had a lucky escape when large rocks tumbled down from the crags above. Although they struck and damaged his vehicle the driver was unharmed. Initially Gwynedd Council said the A487 would be closed for only two days but it appears much more work needs to be done to stabilise the hillside.

Landslides up there have happened before and Ricky was quoted in the Cambrian News last week after we made them aware of a picture taken in July 1922 of a slip in almost the same place. “You can see three people standing on a mound of rubble which completely blocked the road. Without today’s heavy machinery it must have taken days to clear,” he said. We walked up there yesterday to do some filming for our year long video project of Tal-y-llyn and it was very eerie being able to stroll up the middle of the road without a car in sight. This is the main road from Bangor to Aberystwyth and normally it is very busy with many a car, some with caravans and heavy lorries going up and down this narrow pass.

After being closed for eight days the pass opened late Monday night, April 11th 2011.