The Old Rectory on the lake now has a hundred TripAdvisor reviews and for this we are very grateful. Most of them are favourable (!) and we are indebted to Adam Rowland from London who came here last weekend with his parents and extended family to celebrate his mother’s 60th birthday and soon to be retirement. We reproduce here some of the kind things he so enthusiastically wrote:

“The experience was beyond sublime and was a retreat that far exceeded all our expectations……..the house, the hosts and the ambience all made us feel as if we never wanted to leave!…….the rooms are of the highest standard and I managed to have the best couple of night’s sleep I’ve had in months! And when you wake up, you’re graced with a mesmerising view of the lake!……we had a variety of different dietary requirements (vegetarian & vegan) that Ricky tackled with apparent ease. The evening meal we had would put some of London’s best veggie restaurants to shame.”

We thank all our guests, like Adam, who have taken the time and effort to leave comments on TripAdvisor – we read them all and take note!

Adam Dorogdi, a Hungarian photographer, has been a regular visitor to The Old Rectory on the lake and with our help he has posted a TripAdvisor video review.

To look at it click HERE.