It all happened yesterday when after 24 hours of solid rain of more than five inches Talyllyn burst its banks. Mercifully we are set high up but the Tynycornel Hotel opposite was marooned for over 24 hours. Staff and guests were trapped for the day unable to get in or out after the level of the lake rose by over six feet blocking the B4405 which goes down the valley to Tywyn, the road was closed again further down the valley at Bryncrug. During Saturday night three cars came to a standstill in the flood waters just by the Tynycornels lakeside boat sheds but luckily the occupants managed to escape and wade to safety. One passenger had to smash the window to get out as teh force of the water made it unable to open the nearside door. The flash flood was caused by water cascading into the lake from the surrounding mountains and the outlet under the bridge at the end being unable to cope within hours it was completely submerged and the water then started backing up.  We have been here for over six years and we have never seen the flooding this bad. The gated lane our side of the lake was also impassable. However it’s all receding now but still an exciting time!

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