Yet again Ricky has had to jump into the lake opposite to rescue a driver whose car left the road in the dark and somersaulted into the water. We were just about to leave for the Meironnydd Running Club Christmas dinner when we noticed a car with its lights on stopped just before the hotel – we thought it had parked on the road to take some photographs of The Old Rectory which was as usual lit up in blue. When we drove past about five minutes later the car had apparently gone but as we passed the spot where we had seen it we heard a shout for help. On stopping we realised that behind the bushes in the water was a car with someone still in it! While John sped home to alert the emergency services Ricky jumped into the lake, scrambled through the dense undergrowth and discovered Jodie Smith leaning out of the broken driver’s window. The water was freezing and it was apparent that Jodie was pretty shaken up by the whole experience. Ricky managed to open the car door and helped Jodie out and up to the bank and roadway. He then went back to switch off her headlights, retrieve her possessions during which he managed to cut his face and hands from glass from the broken windows. We then took Jodie back to The Old Rectory on the lake where he and Ricky got out into dry clothes. During the next hour the Police and ambulance paramedics made sure Jodie was unscathed from her frightening ordeal.
We just cannot believe that this is the third time a vehicle has gone into the lake – at exactly the same location! Yet again we were the only ones to see it as the car was below the level of the road and other motorists had gone past without realising there was someone in the lake needing help. We really think a warning sign just before this bend may stop this happening again and hope Gwynedd Council will consider this!