During the last ten days our guests are getting many a sighting of the otters and Michael and Gemma Wood from Portsmouth said they were determined to see them in the wild. A few days ago, doing his best not to wake his wife, Michael got up early and crept out of The Old Rectory on the lake armed with just a point and shoot camera. Walking along the lake he saw two otters playing with a fish way out in the middle – Michael thought then he just wished he had a telephoto lens. But to his astonishment after about ten minutes they began to swim towards him and eventually came out of the water just a few feet away. Michael could even hear them crunching on the fish bones. One – the pup he thinks – hid in the grass and then came out again and joined the mother to play around a rock near the lakeside. It was then the mother spotted Michael and his camera. “She looked at me and started to hiss loudly. I decided not to invade their privacy any longer and leave them to it. What an incredible start to my morning at The Old Rectory on the lake,” he said. We really appreciate Michael sharing his amazing experience and images with us.