Vron and Richard from Cardiff have been regular visitors to The Old Rectory on the lake – in fact they held their 20th wedding celebrations here. However we were well flattered when they chose to renew their marriage vows here at Tal-y-llyn… five years later.


For the last few months Vron had been planning their big day and spared no attention to detail. Many an email bounced back and forth as we discussed with her exactly what she required – she wanted the flowers, the meal and indeed the weather to be just right. Vron and Rich arrived mid afternoon and quickly jumped into the outdoor hot tub with a bottle of chilled champagne to steady their nerves.


As there was no real vicar at hand John was asked to be the officiant for the ceremony which took place at the end of our garden overlooking the lake.


At the end they renewed their vows and exchanged rings and we are pleased to report that Vron shed many a tear!


After more champagne it was time to enjoy a specially prepared celebratory meal by Chef Ricky with the first course being taken outside at a table overlooking the lake and served by Jarda.

IMG_4453 IMG_4459 IMG_4469 IMG_4478

They moved into the Orangery for the rest of their romantic four course dinner.


Later amazing fireworks lit the skies above The Old Rectory and all agreed that it had been a most amazing and romantic of Silver Wedding days. One we, the Vron and Richard and the other guests who were also staying here will never forget.